I'm curating a series called "Why Not Experiment?" at Whynot Jazz Room in Greenwich Village.
Please scroll down to see who's played and who's coming up. Questions? Shoot me an email.
Newman Taylor Baker - 
Marvin Sewell

Newman Taylor Baker - Marvin Sewell

14 Christopher Street, New York, NY
$10 cover charge per evening unless otherwise noted
Sets at 7 & 8:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

2015  ☟

Sunday, October 25  
7 & 8:30 pm Terrence McManus/Ellery Eskelin/Billy Mintz   
Terrence McManus, guitar and compositions; Ellery Eskelin, saxophone; Billy Mintz, drums 

Sunday, October 18  
7 & 8:30 pm Retrograde LIVE RECORDING FOR ESP RECORDS  
Matt Lavelle, trumpet and alto clarinet; Reggie Sylvester, drums

Sunday, October 11  
7 & 8:30 pm Schlicht/Griffin/Sikora/Grillot/Grassi  
Stephanie Griffin, viola; Catherine Sikora, soprano and tenor sax; Ursel Schlicht, Fender Rhodes; Francois Grillot, bass; Lou Grassi, drums 

Sunday, October 4  
7 pm Warchester: Nathaniel Morgan, alto sax; Anna Webber, tenor sax  
8:30 pm Rallidae: Angela Morris, saxophone, voice; Alex Samaras, voice; Dustin Carlson, guitar, voice; Scott Colberg, acoustic bass, voice; Jason Nazary, drums

Sunday, September 27 
7 pm Caine/de Prophetis Duo: Maryanne de Prophetis, voice; Adam Caine, guitar 
8:30 pm Iacovone-Grillot-Selinger: Rocco John Iacovone, alto sax; Francois Grillot, bass; Gil Selinger, cello

Sunday, September 20 
7 pm James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor Duo: James Brandon Lewis: saxophone; Chad Taylor, drums 
8:30 pm James Brandon Lewis Trio: James Brandon Lewis: saxophone; Luke Stewart, bass; Warren Crudup III, drums

Sunday, September 13 
7 pm Armadillo in Sunset Park: Kyoko Kitamura (voice, Rhodes, compositions); Mark Lamb (spoken word, movement, story compositions) 
8:30 pm ExPosed Blues Duo: Fay Victor (voice, compositions); Anders Nilsson, guitar

Sunday, September 6
7 & 8:30 pm Michael Attias - Ken Filiano Duo

Sunday, August 30
7 & 8:30 pm Gitesha: Gitesha, vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, loops, harmonizer; Ratzo Harris, bass, loops; Special guests: Sarah James, flute; Santiago, melodica

Sunday, August 23
7 pm James Wengrow Group: James Wengrow, guitar; Anna Webber, saxophone; Adam Hopkins, bass; Nathan Ellman-Bell, drums
8:30 pm Johnson/Rainey/Viner: Edward Johnson, Rhodes; Tom Rainey, drums; Jeremy Viner, tenor saxophone/clarinet

Sunday, August 16
7 & 8:30 pm Phase Reader: Sam Weinberg, tenor saxophone; Jake Henry, trumpet; Andrew Smiley, guitar; Nick Podgurski, drums

Sunday, August 9
7 pm: Anais Maviel, solo voice and percussion
8:30 pm Miya Masaoka Duo: Miya Masaoka, koto; Al Margolis, electronics

Sunday, August 2
7 & 8:30 pm Darius Jones Quartet: Matt Mitchell, Rhodes; Sean Conley, bass; Ches Smith, drums; Darius Jones, alto sax

Sunday, July 26
7 pm Claire de Brunner and Friends I: Jake Sokolov Gonzalez, cello; Anais Maviel, voice; Claire de Brunner, bassoon
8:30 pm Claire de Brunner and Friends II: Tom Chess, oud, ney, morsing; Dan Kurfirst, percussion; Claire de Brunner, bassoon

Sunday, July 19
7 & 8:30 pm James Ilgenfritz Qt: James Ilgenfritz, bass; Yoni Kretzmer, saxophone; Jonah Rosenberg, Fender Rhodes; Lou Grassi, drums

Sunday, July 12
7 & 8:30 pm Lola Danza: Lola Danza, voice; Don Pate, bass; Marc Edwards, drums

Sunday, July 5
7 pm Denver General: Kirk Knuffke, cornet; Jeff Davis, drums; Jonathan Goldberger, guitar
8:30 pm Anna Webber Quartet: Anna Webber, woodwinds; Jonathan Goldberger, guitar; Jeff Davis, drums; Michael Bates, bass

Sunday, June 28 
7 & 8:30 pm  KNN: Ken Kobayashi, drums; Anders Nilsson, guitar; Todd Nicholson, bass

Sunday, June 21
7 pm Cheryl Richards with Adam Caine and Nick Lyons: Cheryl Richards, voice; Adam Caine, guitar; Nick Lyons, saxophone
8:30 pm Aural Compass: Francois Grillot, bass; Richard Tabnik, alto sax; Lou Grassi, drums

Sunday, June 14
7 & 8:30 pm Jessica Ackerley Trio: Jessica Ackerley, guitar and compositions; Mat Muntz, bass; Curtis Nowosad, drums

Sunday, June 7
7pm:  Schlicht-Swell Duo: Ursel Schlicht - Fender Rhodes, Steve Swell, trombone
8.30pm: Statements: Ursel Schlicht - Fender Rhodes, Hans Tammen, live sound processing

Sunday, May 31
7 & 8:30 pm Jason Mears' 20 Ton Bridge: Jason Mears, wood winds; Quentin Tolimieri, Fender Rhodes; James Ilgenfritz, bass; Andrew Drury, drums

Sunday, May 24
7 & 8:30 pm Centipede: Charles Downs, drums; Billy Stein, guitar;Larry Roland, bass; Ras Moshe, tenor sax; Michael Moss, tenor sax

Sunday, May 17
7 pm Vinny Golia - Ken Filiano Duo: Vinny Golia, woodwinds; Ken Filiano, bass
8:30 pm Jeremy Danneman Featuring Sophie Nzayisenga: Jeremy Danneman, saxophone and woodwinds; Sophie Nzayisenga, inanga and vocals; William Parker, bass; Tim Keiper, percussion; Anders Nilsson, guitar

Sunday, May 10
7 & 8:30 pm Katie Bull Group: Katie Bull, vocals/composition; Landon Knoblock, Fender Rhodes/electronics; Joe Fonda, bass; George Schuller, drums

Sunday, May 3:
7 pm Jo-hann: Tsuyoshi Niwa, flute; ​Sarah Bernstein, violin; Ken Kobayashi, drums; ​Jochem van Dijk, bass​ /effects
8:30 pm GaGouDij{Ya}: Yasuno Katsuki, euphonium; Evan Gallagher, Fender Rhodes; Dave Gould, drums; Jochem van Dijk, bass

Sunday, Apr. 26
7 & 8:30 Joe Fiedler Trio: Joe Fiedler, trombone; Rob Jost, bass; Michael Sarin, drums

Sunday, Apr. 19
7 - 9:30 pm: Ted Daniel & the International Brass and Membrane Corps: Newman Taylor Baker, percussion; Joseph Daley, tuba; Charles Burnham, violin; Ted Daniel, cornet.

Sunday, Apr. 12
7 - 9:30 pm: Bob Feldman's Triplicity: Bob Feldman, saxophone; Terrence McManus, guitar; Michael Evans, drums

Sunday, Mar. 29
7 - 9:30 pm: Orchid: Todd Neufeld, guitar; Carlo Costa, drums; Armando Montana, electric bass

7 - 9:30 pm The Jazz and Poetry Choir Collective: Michael TA Thompson, conductor, soundrhythium; EJ Antonio, poetry; Rosi Hertlein,  violin, poetry; Ras Moshe, flute, saxophone; Larry Roland, bass, poetry; Golda Solomon, poetry; Phylisha Villanueva - poetry

Sunday, Mar. 15
7:00 pm: Daniel Carter/Jair-Rohm Parker Wells Duo: Daniel Carter, saxes and trumpet; Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, bass and electronics
8:30 pm: Biggie Vinkeloe and Friends: Biggi Vinkelo, sax; Daniel Carter, saxes and trumpet; Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, bass and electronics; Andrea Wolper, voice

Sunday, Mar. 8
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Anders Nilsson & Michael Attias Duo: Anders Nilsson, electric guitar; Michael Attias, alto sax 

Sunday, Mar. 1
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Sonic Calligraphy: Jason Kao Hwang, violin, viola; Peggy Chew, vocals; Adrian Frey, Fender Rhodes

7:00 pm - Katja Cruz - Howard Curtis Duo: Katja Cruz, voice, Howard Curtis, drums, percussion
8:30 pm : Andrea Wolper's IP: Andrea Wolper, voice, compositions; Eri Yamamoto, Fender Rhodes; Ken Filiano, bass; Jason Kao Hwang, violin
9:45 pm:  Open Improv Anniversary Jam

Sunday, Feb. 15
7:00 pm: Kenny Wessel Trio: Kenny Wessell, guitar; Gary Wang, bass; Russ Meissner, drums
8:30 pm: Brian Groder Trio: Michael Bisio, bass; Jay Rosen, drums; Brian Groder, trumpet & compositions

Sunday, Feb. 8
7:00 - 9:30 pm: UpSurge! Raymond Nat Turner, poetry; Zigi Lowenberg, poetry; Ken Filiano, bass; Lou Grassi, drums; Jessica Jones, sax

Sunday, Feb. 1
7:00 pm: Twins of El Dorado: Joe Moffet, trumpet; Kristin Slipp, voice
8:30 pm: Rallidae: Angela Morris, saxophone, voice; Alex Samaras, voice; Dustin Carlson,  guitar, voice; Scott Colberg, acoustic bass, voice

Sunday, Jan. 25
7:00 pm: Bern Nix - Cheryl Pyle Duo: Bern Nix, guitar; Cheryl Pyle, flute
8:30 pm: Patrick Brennan's Rōnin Phasing: alto saxophone

Sunday, Jan. 18
7:00 pm: The New York Free Quartet: Mike Moss, tenor, bass clarinet, flutes; Steve Cohn, Fender Rhodes, shakuhachi, trombone; Larry Roland, bass, poetry; Chuck Fertal, drums, percussion
8:30 pm: Outside Within: Waldron Ricks, trumpet; Lance Bryant, tenor, soprano; Larry Roland, bass, poetry; Mamiko Watanabe, Fender Rhodes; Mike Wimberly, drums, percussion; Terry Davis, voice

Sunday, Jan. 11
7:00 pm: Velocity Duo: Lauren Lee, vocals; Charley Sabatino, bass
8:30 pm: Elena Camerin and Khabu Doug Young: Elena Camerin, voice; Khabu Doug Young, baritone guitar, ukulele

Sunday, Jan. 4
7:00 pm: Jessica Jones - Tony Jones Duo
8:30 pm: The Low Strung Duet: Charlie Burnham, violin, mandocello, vocals; Marika Hughes, cello and vocals

Sunday, Dec. 28
7:00 pm: Ras Moshe Group: Ras Moshe, tenor sax and flute; Kyoko Kitamura, voice; Sean Conly, bass; Joe Gallant, bass; Reuben Radding, bass
8:30 pm: Gauci/Kretzmer Quartet: Stephen Gauci, tenor sax/compositions; Yoni Kretzmer, tenor sax/compositions; Ken Filiano, bass; Michael Wimberly, drums

Sunday, Dec. 21
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Flip City: David Aaron, tenor and soprano saxes; Will McEvoy, bass; Dave Gould, drums

Sunday, Dec. 14
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Marika Hughes Quartet: Marika Hughes, cello & voice; Charlie Burnham, violin & Rhodes; Fred Cash, bass; Marvin Sewell, gtr.

Sunday, Dec. 7
7:00 - 9:30 pm Adam Caine Quartet: Adam Caine, guitar; Adam Lane, bass; Nick Lyons, alto sax; Federico Ughi, drums

Sunday, Nov. 30
7:00 pm Contrumplation: Jonathan Saraga,  trumpet; Adam O`Farrill, trumpet
8:30 pm Contrumplation + 2: Jonathan Saraga,  trumpet; Adam O`Farrill, trumpet; Nick Dunston, bass; Rodrigo Recabarren, drums

Sunday, Nov. 23
7:00 pm JAN: Keith Lewis, voice; Super Natsuki Tamura, didgeridoo; Ken Kobayashi, drums, percussion; Jochem van Dijk,  bass & effects
8:30 pm Lisa Mezzacappa Trio: Chris Welcome, guitar; Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass; Mike Pride, drums

Sunday, Nov. 16
7:00 - 9:30 pm Mary LaRose "Reincarnation": Mary LaRose, voice; Jeff Lederer, reeds; Mark Feldman, violin; Joe Fiedler, trombone; Rene Hart, bass; Matt Wilson, drums

Sunday,  Nov. 9 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Jay Rosen - Ted Daniel - Michael Marcus: Jay Rosen, drums; Ted Daniel, trumpet; Michael Marcus, clarinet

Sunday, Nov. 2
7:00 - 9:30 pm Rigby/Baggetta/Schuller: Jason Rigby, tenor sax; Mike Baggetta, guitar; George Schuller, drums

Sunday, Oct. 26
7:00 - 9:30 pm Tim Ferguson's Inside/out: Tim Ferguson, bass; Rob Henke, trumpet; Diane Moser, Fender Rhodes.

Sunday, Oct. 19
7:00 - 9:30 pm Ross Hammond Quartet: Ross Hammond, guitar; Max Johnson, bass; Mike Pride, drums; James Brandon Lewis, saxophone

Sunday, Oct. 12
7:00 - 9:30 pm Jay Clayton - Ken Filiano Double Duo

Sunday, Oct. 5
7:00 pm Harmolodic Monk: Matt Lavelle, alto clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn; John Pietaro, vibes, percussion
8:30 pm The Rocco John Trio: Rocco John Iacovone, alto and soprano saxes; Christopher Gorden Forbes, keyboard; Phil Sirois, bass

Sunday, Sept. 28
7:30 pm Newman Taylor Baker - Marvin Sewell Duo: Newman Taylor Baker, washboard; Marvin Sewell, guitars
9:00 pm Washboard XT: Joe Ford, soprano sax; Gerry Eastman, guitar; Josh David, electric bass; Newman Taylor Baker, washboard

Sunday, Sept. 21
7:30 - 10 pm Accortet: Ted Daniel, cornet; Art Bailey,  accordion; Michael Wimberly, drums; Michael Bisio, bass

Sunday, Sept. 14
7:30 pm Lena Bloch-Billy Mintz Trio: Lena Bloch, saxophone; Billy Mintz, drums, Cameron Brown, bass
9:00 pm Aural Compass: Francois Grillot, bass; Richard Tabnik, alto sax; Lou Grassi, drums
Sunday, Sept. 7 
7:30 pm Mark Lamb Project : Mark Lamb, storyteller; Marlon Cherry, guitar; Helen Yee, violin and loopin
9 pm Maryanne DeProphetis and Philip Sirois Duo

Sunday, August 31
7:30 pm William Hooker Qt.: William Hooker, drums; Dave Soldier, violin; Ellwood Epps trumpet
9 pm Amigo-Nix Duo: Cristian Amigo, guitar; Bern Nix, guitar

Sunday, August 24
7:30 - 9:30 pm Two Sisters, Inc. Claire Daly, baritone sax, Dave Hofstra, bass; Dave Sewelson, bass
Sunday, August 17
7:30 pm Lyrebird: Matt Darriau, world winds, sax, loops, and Katie Down, glass objects, steel cello, voice, loops
9:00 pm Open Music Ensemble: Jonathan Saraga, trumpet; John Murchison, upright bass; Jun Ando, koto; Kaveh Haghtalab, percussion

Sunday, August 10
7:30 pm Bob Feldman's Triplicity: Bob Feldman, tenor sax, flute; Jonas Tauber, bass; Michael Evans, drums
9 pm Patrick Breiner's Double Double: Patrick Breiner, tenor saxophone and clarinet; Will McEvoy, bass; Greg Chudzik, bass; Flin van Hemmen, drums

Sunday, August 3
7:30 pm T Taylor, solo saxophone
9 pm Dominic Fragman, solo drum set

Sunday, July 27
7:30 pm Beyond Duo: Cheryl Pyle, flute; Francois Grillot, bass
9 pm Manna For Thought: Nora McCarthy, vocals and poetry; Dom Minasi, guitar; Ras Moshe, reeds.

Sunday, July 20
7:30 pm Satoshi Takeishi & Jonathan Goldberger: Satoshi Takeishi, percussion and electronics; Michael Attias, saxophone
9 pm Jason Kao Hwang's Amygdala: Rami Seo, gayakeum; Jason Kao Hwang, composer/violin/viola

Sunday, July 1
7:30 - 9:30 pm Fay Victor Ensemble: Fay Victor, voice; Anders Nilsson, guitar; Ken Filiano, bass

Sunday, July 6
7:30 - 9:30 pm  Andrew Drury's ContenTrio: Briggan Krauss, alto saxophone; Ingrid Laubrock, tenor saxophone; Andrew Drury, drum/compositions

Sunday, June 29
7:30 pm Harmolodic Monk: Matt Lavelle, alto clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn; John Pietaro, vibes, percussion
9 pm Inspiracy Duo: Kali Z. Fasteau, Fender Rhodes, voice, drum set, nai flutes, mizmar; L. Mixashawn Rozie, tenor and soprano sax, flute, djembe CD RELEASE CELEBRATION!
Sunday, June 15
7:30 pm Unplugged: Marco Cappelli, guitar; James Ilgenfritz, double bass
9 pm Sean Moran's Small Elephant Band: Sean Moran, nylon string guitar; Mike McGinnis, clarinets; Chris Dingman, vibraphone; Reuben Radding, bass; Harris Eisenstadt, drums

Sunday, June 22
7:30 pm Andrea Wolper's IP: Andrea Wolper, voice; Eri Yamamoto, Fender Rhodes; Ken Filiano, bass; Michael TA Thompson, soundrhythium
9 pm Nick Lyons Nick Lyons, alto saxophone; Lorenzo Sanguedolce, tenor saxophone; Pete Swanson, bass; Todd Capp, drums

Sunday, June 8
7:30 pm Han-earl Park - Tom Rainey Duo: Han-earl Park, guitar; Tom Rainey, drums
9 pm TransAtlantico: Lamy Istrefi (Kosovo), drums, percussion, sound efx; Lawrence Leathers (USA), drums, sound efx; Brahim Fribgane (Morocco), percussion, goumbri, oud, sound efx. 

Sunday, June 1
7:30 - 9:30 pm Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys: Jon Irabagon, alto & tenor sax; Peter Betenc, bass; Mike Pride, drums, compositions; Alexis Marcelo, Fender Rhodes 

Sunday, May 25
7:30 pm LaFrae Sci's 13th Amendment: LaFrae Sci, drums; Mazz Swift, violin; Aaron Whitby, Fender Rhodes
9 pm William Hooker: Pralaya: solo drums and spoken word

Sunday, May 18
7:30 pm Keepnews/Bisio/Berger: James Keepnews, guitar; Michael Bisio, bass; Dave Berger, drums
9 pm Clash of the Downtown Avengers: Fung Chern Hwei (violin) vs. Vicky Chow (Fender Rhodes)

Sunday, May 11
8  - 11 pm Eri Yamamoto Trio: Eri Yamamoto, Rhodes; David Ambrosio, acoustic bass; Ikuo Takeuchi, drums

Sunday, May 4
7:30 pm James Brandon Lewis Trio: James Brandon Lewis, saxophone; Max Johnson, bass; Dominic Fragman, drums 
9 pm Sikora-Chase Duo: Catherine Sikora, saxophone; Brian Chase, drums.  

Sunday, April 27
7:30 pm The Four Bags: Brian Drye, trombone; Jacob Garchik, accordion; Sean Moran, guitar; Mike McGinnis, woodwinds
9:00 pm Nashaz: Brian Prunka, oud; Kenny Warren, trumpet; Reuben Radding, bass; George Mel, drums

Sunday, April 20
8 pm Duo Istrefi-Petrov: Lamy Istrefi, Jr., drums, percussion; Aleksander Petrov, tapan (traditional Macedonian drum), percussion
10 pm Eridanus: Lamy Istrefi, Jr., drums, percussion, effects; Joe Hertenstein, stone table, effects; George Spanos, percussion; On Ka'a Davis, guitar; Elias Meister, guitar, electronics

Sunday, April 13
7:30 pm Mary LaRose Reincarnation Project: Mary LaRose, vocals; Jeff Lederer-clarinet and musical direction, arrangements; Mark Feldman, Felicia Wilson, violin; Nicole Federici, viola; Alisa Horn, cello; Rene Hart, bass
9 pm Lisa Sokolov Lisa Sokolov, voice, keyboard; Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez, cello, electronics

Sunday, April 6
7:30 pm Judi Silvano’s Riding a Zephyr Quintet: Judi Silvano, voice; Kenny Wessel, guitar; Adam Kolker, saxophone; Ratzo B. Harris, bass; Lamy Istrefi, drums
9 pm Brian Adler's Helium Music Project: Nick Kadajski, alto saxophone; Josh Deutsch, trumpet; Danny Fox, Fender Rhodes; Rene Hart, bass; Brian Adler, drums/percussion

Sunday, March 30
7:30 pm Vinny Golia-Ken Filiano Duo
9 pm Baudalino's Dilemma: Ken Filiano, bass; Warren Smith, percussion; Vinny Golia, woodwinds; Michael TA Thompson, soundrhythium

Sunday, March 23
8 pm Cheryl Pyle & Premik Russell Tubbs

Sunday, March 16
7:30 pm Kaleidos Duo (Sayun Chang, percussion; Yovianna Garcia, guitar)
9 pm Newman Taylor Baker (washboard) & Marvin Sewell (guitar) Duo
Sunday, March 9
7:30 pm Jay Clayton's Different Voices: Jay solo set plus vocal improvisation ensemble: Amanda Bloom, Carol Flamm, Karen Goldfeder, Nora McCarthy, Alexis Parsons, Kendra Shank, Judi Silvano, Andrea Wolper
Sunday, February 23
7:30 pm The Katie Bull Group: Katie Bull, vocals, Landon Knoblock, fender rhodes & electronics; Joe Fonda, bass; Deric Dickens, drums; Jeff Lederer, tenor sax. 
9 pm Solo MazzMuse: Mazz Swift electric violin, electronics 



Sunday, November 1  
7 & 8:30 pm The Neo Urban Folk Experiment  
Larry Roland, bass and poetry; Michael Moss, tenor sax, bass clarinet, flutes; Chuck Fertal, trap drums, small percussion  

Sunday, November 8  
7 Charlie Waters Trio  
8:30 pm Charlie Waters Quartet with Strings:  
Charles Waters, saxophone, clarinet; Andrew Barker, drums; Chris Mcintrye, trombone; George Rush, bass; Ron Caswell, tuba;, Nuzion Strings: Katie Pawluk, Olivier Samouillan  

Sunday, November 15  
7:30 pm Mazz Swift
8:30 pm Marika Hughes

Sunday, November 22  
7 & 8:30 pm Jeremy Carlstedt "Stars are Far" CD RELEASE CELEBRATION  
Jeremy Carlstedt, drums; Brian Settles, saxophone; Tim Motzer, guitar and electronics; Eric Wheeler, bass  

Sunday, November 29  
7 & 8:30 PM Centipede  
Joe McPhee, tenor sax; Ras Moshe, tenor sax; Billy Stein, guitar; Larry Roland, bass; Charles Downs, drums